Who's Warrior?

I'm a writer/artist. My past positions include: economist, newspaper columnist, freelance artist and founder/director of an art program in the Juvenile detention Center in New Orleans .
Presently, I'm working on a Christian graphic novel.



Self-caricature of Warrior Richardson

I am a former proud sinner who was once foolish enough to say there is no God. I am now one who has had the paradoxical pleasure of being humbled by the consequences of insisting on his independence from God. The pain I experienced from the pleasure of sin became unbearable to the point where it resulted in a kind of sorrow that led to a craving for release from this addiction to immorality, no matter how big or small. I cried out to God who released me from this bondage. This was the most important experience of my life: my spiritual rebirth.


I am now committed to giving the reason for the hope that I have to all who are interested. This I do, not in my own power but, in the power of God's Holy Spirit who gives us wisdom, understanding and teaches us all things.


I am one who is no longer deluded by an exaggerated opinion of the power of the human intellect. I humbly admit no finite creature can understand the infinite. I know now that man does not discover God through intellectual analysis or speculation, but rather, God reveals himself to any finite being who is willing to admit his inability to fathom the infinite and has an insatiable hunger for what is true. I do not and cannot understand God, but I do know him in a way that is more intimate than the intimacy that is possible between any two creatures of flesh and blood.