Warrior's Personal Testimony

I used to take a sadistic pleasure out of shaking Christians’ faith.  I would say, “I don’t believe in God.  I don’t go to church, and I don’t pray; yet I’m getting what I want out of life.”  Unfortunately, that was true.  I got what I wanted but not what I needed.  And the closer I got to getting what I wanted the less it meant to me; so, by the time I received it it meant absolutely nothing.  Life had no meaning.


I remember being in Washington, DC playing my saxophone in my Jazz quartet called “By Any Means Necessary” at Nation House Positive Action Center.  I was soloing and the crowd was cheering and all the while I was thinking to myself, “What is the point?”


I eventually reached the point in life where I didn’t care whether I lived or died.  But one day I felt these urges and didn’t know what they were.  I tried playing my sax.  That didn’t satisfy it.  Eventually, I thought maybe I should read the bible.  Once I started I couldn’t put it down.


I was unemployed.  My gas had been cut off, my lights were about to be cut off, but all I could think to do at that point was read the bible, eat and sleep.  I did that for one week then got a job.  I read the bible from cover to cover once a month for two and a half months.


Then I went to play my sax at my Grandfather’s church called Faith Temple in Omaha, Nebraska, since he had just become a bishop in the church of God in Christ   I hadn’t been to a church in 14 years except for events like funerals and weddings.  I considered it his happy “bishopship” present.


The choir was singing Lord Let Your Spirit Fall on Me by Shirley Caesar, and the Lord’s spirit fell on me.  I yielded my life to God while playing my horn.  That was September 22, 1991 at about 2:30pm on a Sunday afternoon.  Since then, my life has been full of purpose, direction and focus.